LED Skincare And It’s Effectiveness

A multitude of facials and skincare treatments have been developed over the years. From bathing in milk in ancient times, beauty regimes have transformed relying more on technologically advanced products. People have started formulating different types of skincare methods to help you achieve flawless skin. Experts are putting in the time and effort to conduct researches to find out the best products for those wishing to improve their skin. 

You might be familiar with various types of skincare therapies such as chemical peels, laser skincare rejuvenation and light therapy. Until recently, LED skincare therapy didn’t particularly have a huge following. However, with more and more people joining the beauty community, they’re inclined to see its benefits. LED skincare has become a popularly used treatment by dermatologists to improve skin conditions of their patients throughout the world. This LED skincare treatment has not only been used for skincare but plays an important role in helping with various other conditions. 

The idea of LED lights came into practice around the early 1900s but it wasn’t extended to the use of skincare. It was later noticed, in the 1980s, that this type of treatment has a positive effect on the outer surface of the human body. Therefore, since the 2000s, it has been adopted by many dermatologists and facial experts to use in their practices for skincare. 

How Does It Work?

LED is the short form of light emitting diode. The name itself is self-explanatory as you can tell this type of therapy uses light for skincare. There are different types of devices at play when it comes to LED skincare. Whichever device you choose; the procedure is pretty much the same. You’re initially required to set up a room where you’re going to be conducting this therapy. Make sure there’s no light coming in the room once you have your LED light on. 

The second step is the apply a medication that is safe to use under these lights. Typically, this is in the form of an ointment that you’re supposed to put on your face or any other body part you wish to treat. Get this medication prescribed from an expert. More specifically, a doctor. You don’t want any negative side effects that might harm your skin indefinitely. So, make sure you have a prescription of what you’re putting on your face before starting the LED light therapy treatment. 

The next step is basic as all you have to do is cover your eyes before the LED light is directed towards your face. Protecting the eyes is extremely important so you do not hurt them. Apart from that, this a very safe treatment that you can conduct with ease. Once your eyes are covered and the LED lights are on, all you have to do is wait. This treatment doesn’t require too much of your time. A minimum of 15 to 20 minutes is required to conduct this whole treatment. However, the timing might change depending on the area you want to be treated. For larger areas, this might take up to 90 minutes of your time. Typically, when going for this treatment people prefer to get their faces done. Thus, it doesn’t take up too much of your time and you’re left with better-looking skin. 

The way this type of therapy works is pretty simple. It’s something that can be done at home, subject to you having the right equipment for doing so. Before investing in a device, make sure you know what the use of it is. Researching is an important element before conducting any type of tests on your skin. Make sure you know what your skin is comfortable with and how it may react to different types of treatments by seeking a professional’s help. 

Different Types Of LED Skincare

Two main types of LED lights are used for skincare, namely, red and blue lights. Both of these therapies have a different purpose and help with different problems relating to your skin. The way they differ is mainly because of the different frequencies or wavelengths used in each type of treatment. However, neither of them use ultraviolet rays that may harm your skin. Instead, they improve your skin and help you get rid of problems such as acne and scarring. 

Another type of LED light is yellow light. This is more of a pre-therapy light that you use to prep your skin for the actual LED treatment to follow. It helps in making sure that the skin cells are prepared for the treatment that follows. It’s not built to improve your skin or treat any ailments, instead, it focuses more on improving your circulation. You skin cells get prepared for being treated under blue or red LED light. 

Red light or infrared light therapy is the type of LED light treatment used for the top layer of your skin, the epidermis. It helps in fixing overlying issues and doesn’t penetrate underneath the skin. This type of treatment is good for stimulating collagen proteins that help you look more youthful. Your skin looks much smoother through this therapy. 

This therapy has anti-ageing properties to help you remove wrinkles and fine lines from your skin. With regular treatments, your skin will be glowing in no time. It further helps in reducing any sort of inflammation all the while improving blood flow and circulation. This aids in improving your skin overall and giving you a youthful look. 

Blue light therapy is a different story altogether. It has different properties and has a different reaction to your skin. This type of treatment helps you get underneath the top layer of your skin to target the oil glands. If you experience from having an oily skin and regular breakouts, then blue light therapy is the best solution. 

While oil glands are extremely necessary in lubricating your skin, sometimes they tend to overproduce the oils. This is the main reason for your acne and consistent breakouts. Blue light therapy aims to reduce the production of these oil glands and help you achieve a clearer skin. The blue light helps in fighting against bacteria found in the skin’s surface along with reducing the production of oil glands. This, therefore, promotes a better skin with fewer pimples. Not only is it good for clearing your acne, but you’ll also see a great reduction of any scars and inflammation as well. 

How Can You Incorporate It In Your Skincare Routine?

Going to the dermatologist or a salon regularly for an LED light therapy might not be cost-effective. Especially if you can easily get the gadgets online through various platforms such as www.healinglightmasks.com

It’s extremely easy to make it a part of skincare routine as it doesn’t require too much of your time or energy. Once you form a habit to include this in your daily routine, you won’t even consider it as an added task. Make sure to include it in your skincare regime 3 to 5 times in the first four weeks to make you accustomed to it. You’ll definitely see a result after those four weeks are over. 

After you’ve adjusted to using LED skincare in the first four weeks, you can reduce the usage to 1 to 2 times a week to maintain the results. With healing and antiaging properties, this procedure isn’t harmful to your skin. You can use it regularly in your skincare routine. However, don’t over-do it as your skin might get used to the product and would not give the same results. 

Let’s look at a step-by-step procedure of how to use this therapy at the comfort of your home and improve your skincare routine. 

  1. Cleanse your skin to make sure you don’t have any makeup left. This step is essential for the therapy to perform properly. With a full face of makeup, the LED light will be blocked from getting to your skin. 
  2. Exfoliate before every LED skincare treatment so that it further helps to take away any dead skin and makeup off. This helps in better penetration of the LED treatment on your skin. 
  3. Make sure to use an LED light prepping spray, depending on the type of light you’re going for. Because of their different properties, you’d want to go for a prep spray that’s specific for the type of light you’re going for. You can get these easily but make sure that they’re recommended by a dermatologist. 
  4. It’s time to get under the light. You’re all prepped and ready to lie down while your LED therapy works its way with your skin. Protect your eyes using goggles and make sure you’ve got a dark room where you can conduct this therapy. 
  5. After 20 minutes, the LED lights would’ve worked their magic and you’re good to go. Don’t overdo these sessions, limit them to 20 minutes if you’re treating your face only. However, if you’re treating other areas, you can amp up the timeframe.
  6. Make sure you to apply an ointment after your LED therapy so ensure that your skin is protected. Avoid going out under the sun right after this procedure and once you do, apply a generous amount of sunscreen to protect your skin. 

This may seem like a lot to do but it really isn’t. All you really need is 20 to 25 minutes of your day to ensure a better-looking skin. This procedure is more linked to LED masks, there are other types of devices that require less time to complete your therapy. Devices such as wands are also highly effective ways of incorporating LED lights in your skincare routine. 

Benefits of LED Skincare

LED skincare has proven to be an important way to improve your skin. There are many benefits of using this type of therapy and using it regularly.

  • Reduces Acne

You’ll see a clearer skin that is free of acne once you start using LED lights for your skincare routine. They help in reducing the production of oil in your skin that is the main culprit of causing acne. 

  • Helps with scarring and inflammation

Red light therapy helps with reducing any problems on the top layer of the skin. This helps in the reductions of scars on your skin and any sort of inflammation. You’ll be left with a brighter skin with lesser pigmentations. 

  • Gives a youthful glow

The antiaging properties found in the lights allow you to have smoother skin. With reduced fine lines and wrinkles, you’ll be able to see a more youthful skin. It acts a preventative and a cure for wrinkles so you can start using it as soon as possible to make sure you have youthful skin throughout your life.

  • Better circulation

This treatment helps promote blood circulation that allows skin cells to perform better. Experts have emphasized on the importance of better circulation as it helps nourish the skin cells and improve cell metabolism. There’s a better flow of oxygen and other nutrients that help in getting rid of toxins and waste. A better blood circulation is also linked to a clearer and healthier skin as there is a constant and better flow of nutrients to your skin cells. 

  • Reduces pigmentation

Along with acne and scarring, this helps reduce pigmentation on your face. Long gone are the days that you had an uneven skin stone. By using this therapy, you’ll be seeing a much more even skin with no random pigmentations. 

  • Cost-effective

Investing in your own LED skincare gadgets is important as it helps you to reduce the amount of money gone for treatments at salons and the dermatologist. You’ll be able to see good results while saving money and trips to the dermatologist. With the availability of various products, it’s become easier for you to incorporate this treatment in your daily routine. With a one-time investment, you’re sure to reduce a lot of your expenditure on regular visits to get this treatment done. 

  • Saves time

It’s is not just cost-effective, getting your own device will help you save a whole lot of time. Going to get LED skincare treatments done will take up a lot of time out of your day. It includes travel time, waiting for your appointment, getting the treatment done. When you sum up all of the time taken to get done with your treatment, it’s a lot out of your day. Wouldn’t you rather have the device at home so you can easily use it whenever it’s convenient for you? You won’t have to plan visits or use up too much of your time. 

Where Can You Find LED Skincare Gadgets?

LED skincare is an easy solution to fix many skin-related problems. It might be difficult to go for consultation and treatment regularly. To overcome this issue, www.healinglightmasks.com has provided the perfect solution for you. You can easily purchase LED skincare gadgets from their websites to avoid excessive costs. 

They provide a range of products for people to choose from. You can find differently priced products, according to your affordability. They provide high-quality items that have proven to be extremely beneficial for their customers. 

Popular LED skincare products include LED light therapy mask, Graphene beauty mask and Soft beauty mask. Each of these masks is distinct and provide different benefits for you. LED light therapy mask is better for treating skin ailments, whereas the Graphene beauty mask uses infrared light and heat to help you absorb your beauty treatments. Soft beauty mask, on the hand, helps in the promotion of collagen that ensures a firmer skin. 

You’re not only restricted to purchase masks as there are multiple LED devices that help you with incorporating LED skincare into your routine. Wands are easier to use and if you’re a beginner, they’re the perfect fit for you! You can start small and then invest in an advanced LED treatment for your skin. 

While considering opting for LED skincare, your first consultation must be with your doctor. Understand your skin and what it needs before rushing into the bandwagon. You need to be able to know what your skin requires and how much dosage it needs. After the consultation, you’ll be much more equipped to conduct treatments at home and avail all the benefits of LED skincare. 

With the advancement in technology, you’re sure to find various kinds of different devices to aid you in the improvement of your skin. LED light therapy facial devices that are available at www.healinglightmasks.com give you a proper experience of getting your treatment done by a professional. Even though you’re administering the treatment yourself, the device makes you feel like you’re at a salon, getting professional treatment. No longer are you required to spend your money and time to get these treatments done. 

By investing in these devices, you’re sure to be saving money along with seeing a drastic change in your skin. LED light has been scientifically proven to improve your skin while fighting against many undermining issues related to your skin. It’s not too late to help yourself get better and clearer skin. 

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