LED Photon Skin Therapy Wand


No more spending hundreds of dollars per session at a dermatologist. The LED Photon Skin Therapy Wand allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of Photon Therapy in the comfort of your home.

The Wand uses both electroporations, radiofrequency and constant photon energy to treat, heal and rejuvenate your skin. From wrinkles and fine lines to blemishes and acne, treat all your skin problems with a single wand.


  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation: The subtle electrical impulses activate your skin cells, rapidly increases blood circulation and improves collagen growth. Perfect for reducing skin discoloration, wrinkles, puffiness and stiffness
  • Radio Frequency: Revitalizes skin cells and improves collagen growth to help fight signs of aging before they even occur.
  • LED Light Therapy: Benefit from a full spectrum light therapy with red, blue, violet, yellow and green light to relieve from all types of skin issues.
  • Quick Absorption: Improves the absorption of nutrients from facial creams and cosmetics


  • Easy charging station
  • Color: White, Black
  • Battery: 5V---/650mAh


2 To 4 Weeks Max

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