Easy IPL Laser Epilator


Imagine having velvety soft, hairless legs every day. 

Get freedom from razors and merciless waxing sessions with the Easy IPL Laser Epilator. An IPL treatment session at a dermatologist will cost you a bomb. Why waste money when you can easily do the same thing at home?

It’s so easy to use - just shave, show the IPL on the required areas and repeat after a couple of days. IPL epilators work by damaging the hair follicle to gradually stop hair growth forever.

  • Instant heating in just 5 minutes for quick and easy using
  • Usually takes 5-8 weeks for the hair to fully disappear - depends on your hair’s texture
  • 7 intensity levels for different hair thicknesses and different parts of the body
  • Durable and professional quality - Produces 600,000 flashes throughout its whole life

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage:100V-240V
  • Product Weight: 235g
  • Product size: 162x81x44mm


1. All IPL and laser devices are not recommended for use by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

2. Do not apply on eyes, eyebrows, ears, nipples, or genitals.

3. Do not use light-based devices on the male face, jaw, or neck.

4. Not for use by anyone under 18.

5. Do not use these devices on tattoos, make-up, moles, freckles, burns, discolored areas, and tanned areas.

6. It's prohibited to use laser or IPL if you have or had one or more of the diseases mentioned in the "Drugs" section later in this article.


1. When using light-based devices always move continuously in the same direction. This will minimize overlap. Do not treat the very same area many times in the same session. However, slight overlaps are allowed.

2. Always use a lower setting when begging treatments and always do skin tests.

What Is Skin Test?

3. Make sure to clean the treatment area and dry it before treatments.

4. Avoid sunlight 2 weeks before treatments and 48 hours after treatments. Your skin must be free of sunburns before exposing to IPL.

5. Avoid tanning for the very same period before and after treatments. Tanning darkens the skin which makes it more prone to harm, redness, irritation, and even some serious diseases.

6. Use high-quality sunblock or cover treated area if you have to go out under sunlight.

7. Always read the user manual carefully; it mentions many important tips and tricks when treating.

8. Consult your doctor when any side effect appears.

9. Of course, consult your doctor before IPL or laser and tell him all your history with diseases and medications.

NOTE: Remember that experts state that you should wait for new hair growth before performing a repeated treatment session. Hair in the underarms usually grows faster than other parts of the body, after 1-2 weeks at most, so you might need to treat this area every other week.


2 To 4 Weeks Max

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