Photon Facial Therapy Device


The complete skincare solution for all ages!

For every skin problem, there's a cream, mask or some other product that just doesn't fit everyone's skin's needs. From acne to wrinkles you can treat all skin troubles with the Photon Therapy Device.

It uses LED lights of varying wavelengths to penetrate deep within your skin to treat issues from the cellular level. Perfect for all skin types and colors, it gives you healthy, glowing skin in the comfort of your own home!

  • Features 3 Photon Therapy light options: Red, Blue, and Orange
  • Each light has a different wavelength and has different benefits to the skin
  • Red light (620-630nm): Increases collagen production and smooths wrinkles, firms up saggy skin, 
  • Blue light (460-470nm): It shrinks enlarged pores, kills acne-causing bacteria and softens skin that’s rough due to age
  • Orange light (570-590): Soothes swelling, redness, and inflammation.


  • product size: 20.5*15.0*10.3cm
  • Box size: 21.3*15.3*11.0cm
  • net weight: 100g
  • packaging box size: 54*44.5*43.2cm
  • packaging quantity: 30 units
  • product material:ABS+PC+PET
  • light wavelength:red:620-630nm blue:460-470nm orange:580-590 nm
  • applicable skin type:all skin type
  • accessories:USB connection line,uersmanual


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